Voice Recorder Online

Voice Recorder Online. This free tool allows you to record your audio from the microphone and download it as a WebM file.

About Online Voice Recorder

Online Voice Recorder is used to record your voice and save it for various purposes like video editing, presentation, etc. Also, it works like a Microphone Test. Using this app, you can test or check your system's microphone or any external microphone is working or not. Similarly, you can check whether your webcam is working or not using the Webcam Test tool.

This tool helps you to record high-quality audio and download the recorded voice on your device for free. In short, you can record voice right from your web browser. No need to use any third-party application or software. Therefore, it's a very useful and convenient online tool.

In addition, you can use the voice recorder on any device like a smartphone, laptop, desktop, tablet, etc. Moreover, it works in almost all the web browsers. The lightweight web application works very fast and only requires average Internet speed to work. However, if the audio recording is too large, you would need a good download speed to quickly save the file.

Online Voice Recorder - Record Audio

What does the Audio Recorder do?

  • Record Voice Online: Now no more installing applications for recording your voice. Use this tool to record, listen and save your recording. It's totally free of cost.
  • Listen and Download: You can listen to your recording also download it if you want. The audio renders quality is top-notch. The final audio file is compressed to save your storage but the voice quality remains the same.
  • Privacy and Security Guaranteed: Our tool does not collect and send your recordings to our servers. The complete process is encrypted and you alone can listen or save your recordings within your web browser.

How does an Online Voice Recorder Work?

The online voice recording tool uses the microphone device to record your audio. Before that, it asks the user to grant permission to use the microphone. If the user permits, it gains the access to the microphone for recording.

The JavaScript code running behind the hood initiates the process of recording also renders the final audio file in WebM format.

Everything happens on your device and no voice recording is sent to the web servers. Therefore, you don't have to worry about your privacy and security.

Features of Audio Recorder

This online tool is equipped with many features to make the user experience the best. Let's know about all its features.

  1. Easy controls: The audio recorder features easy control buttons to manage the recording conveniently.
  2. Record button: This button starts the voice recording. The recording will only start when you will allow the browser to access the microphone.
  3. Pause button: If you want to pause the recording then press the "Pause" button. To continue the recording, press the "Resume" button.
  4. Stop button: You can use this button to stop the recording.
  5. Listen to your recording: Our tool gives you access to the live audio player to listen to your recording. After stopping the voice recording you can play and listen to it.
  6. Download your recording: If you wish to save your recording then simply download it by using the "Save" button. The download time depends upon your Internet speed and the size of the recording.
  7. Reuse the tool: Using this tool, you can record your voice unlimited times. So, for reusing the tool, just press the "Reset" button.

Why use Online Voice Recorder?

  • The tool supports high-quality audio recording and rendering.
  • Anyone can easily use the tool because of its simple and user-friendly interface.
  • The tool is very safe to use as we never play around with your voice recordings or data.
  • Audio Recorder is completely free to use. No hidden charges.
  • You can download your audio recording for free every time.

How to use Voice Recorder?

It's very simple to use the voice recorder. Just follow the steps below and you will never have to ask this question again.

  1. Firstly, allow permission to use the microphone. It's the most important thing to do. Because if it's disabled then you will never record the audio. So, make sure that the mic permission is enabled on your web browser.
  2. To begin the recording, press the "Record" button. Also, you can use the "Pause" button to pause the recording, and to continue the recording, use the "Resume" button.
  3. The "Stop" button will stop the recording process.
  4. After that, you can listen to your recorded voice using the embedded music player below.
  5. To download your recording, press the "Save" button and wait until the download completes.
  6. For using the tool again, simply press the "Reset" button.

Frequently Asked Questions

The most common reason behind it is, you have blocked or skipped the browser's permission request to use the microphone.

How to fix it?

Go to your browser settings, search for microphone access, and allow it. In some latest web browsers, you can directly allow the website to access the microphone from the browser's search bar option.

The tool uses the default microphone for recording. To change the microphone, you have to change the default microphone from your local system settings.

No. Signup or registration is not needed to use our online audio recorder. Just open our website and start using it. That's all!

Our tool is never responsible for a bad quality voice recording. There might be some problem with your microphone or the recording may be interrupted because of background noise. Hence, it is advised to do the recording in a silent place.

In this case, if you are having multiple microphones, select the working microphone as the default one and then try.

If the problem still exists, check your microphone device drivers by going to the device manager. Reinstall or update the drivers.

After trying all these things, if you are still experiencing the problem then there must be some internal issue. So, you should repair or change your microphone and then try again.