About Online Voice Recorder

Online Voice Recorder is used to record your voice and save it for various purposes like video editing, presentation, etc. Also, it works like a Microphone Test. Using this app, you can test or check your system's microphone or any external microphone is working or not.

This tool helps you to record high-quality audio and download the recorded voice on your device for free. In short, you can record voice right from your web browser. No need to use any third-party application or software. Therefore, it's a very useful and convenient online tool.

In addition, you can use the voice recorder on any device like a smartphone, laptop, desktop, tablet, etc. Moreover, it works in almost all the web browsers. The lightweight web application works very fast and only requires average Internet speed to work. However, if the audio recording is too large, you would need a good download speed to quickly save the file.

Online Voice Recorder - Record Audio

What Does the Audio Recorder Do?

  • Record Voice Online: Now no more installing applications for recording your voice. Use this tool to record, listen and save your recording. It's totally free of cost.
  • Listen and Download: You can listen to your recording also download it if you want. The audio renders quality is top-notch. The final audio file is compressed to save your storage but the voice quality remains the same.
  • Privacy and Security Guaranteed: Our tool does not collect and send your recordings to our servers. The complete process is encrypted and you alone can listen or save your recordings within your web browser.